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defender balancing


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im gonna start and fit a locker in the rear axle next weekend so i need to remove the rear axle..........

any advice on how to keep it in the verticle position :unsure: whist the work is being done?

my thought was axle stands under the out riggers.........but just how stable will it be?

advice please....... as ive only got the usual garage tools......... NO fork lift available.



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Got an engine crane or strong overhead beam? How about some railway sleepers or something solid placed where part of the chassis will fall (not too far) if the axle stands should topple or whatever.

If I'm lying under it, I wouldn't rely on any 1 thing, but that's partly because I'm always pretty alone in the garage - no-one that nearby in an emergency. Keep my phone handy too...

After ramming an angle grinder into my leg while working on my boat in a field in the middle of nowhere and having to get to casualty on my own, my perspective on safety has changed a bit.

Be careful.


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I presume the locker you are fitting is KAM flavoured?

If not, then I don't understand why you're removing the axle..... or.... thinks a bit.... is it a Salisbury and you want better access fro removing the diff.... :huh:

Anyhow, back to the question :D

I would support the chassis on stands where (or just to the rear of) the rear axle trailing arms meet the chassis. It's not going to tip over backwards....

The usual disclaimer........ I could be wrong and you might misinterpret my advice and do yourself an injury etc. etc. :ph34r::ph34r:

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yep its an electric KAM........... just had an idea... a tree surgeon is down the road felling some trees, so im gonna pop see if i can have a couple of pieces of trunk. :D

then axle off with the diff pan and on with the new........... bound to have problems somewhere along the line. ;)

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