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Mike woolf


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Well on my 90:

trashed passengers door mirror assembly

dented wing/Door

snapped Plasma rope(whilst winching sideways)

but that's it!!

The highlights for me was:

The Cv's fitted

I used the ARB's at any time I wanted using full steering lock and full power

I also had the 90 stood on its nose and did reverse climbs with all the weight on the front

this previously has led to blowbn CVs but not this time.

It was a joy to not worry about breaking something for the first time.

and watching a few others repair bust CVs was a reminder how crappy the job is.

Cheers to Ashcrofts

plus the underdrive for winch assisted driving is a real must IMHO.

The Black Rat Snatch block is a superb peice of equipment, A great investment

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Trev my 90 probably weighs a tonne more than the RR

so I need to winch more and drive assist is perfect for dragging a lardy 90 up very steep slopes.

Mine has to be a comprimise as I have to drive it to/fom events and use it for transport when Vals has her car.

After driving home from winch events with bust CVs the peice of mind I have now is worth the investment.

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Only ribbing Tony. The shape of challenge vehicles is evolving so you did ok competing in a hard top with little body protection and a long trip home. Not as far for me but it was pretty much down to not being able to afford to break my 90 (which is also much more fragile than yours) that I didn't compete this time round. Mind I had a great day spectating :D

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Been so busy this week I havent had time to look at it not alone wash it, but i know i need a new swivel housing, smashed the cv to bits & in turn wrecked the end of the shaft & the housings a bit on the f :o :o :o:o d side,

Im looking at the ashcroft cvs, but im going to wait until next month as i need to buy 2 new rear shafts, 2 new front shafts, autobox, transfer box, torque convertor & CVs for the Tomcat, (along with the hundreds of other bits)not going to be a cheap day, I ve had to sell my Rangie to get some of the money together :(

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Bit more body damage. Probably do one more challenge and then think about having the body work done.

Mechanically, broke one fusible link in the Kam CV. Unfortunantly couldnt get the stub out without taking the hub off. Rather defeated the object of fitting them :angry:

Will have to think about a front locker soon maybe with al ocker and a slower speed of approach will lessen the damage in future. Then in saying that Nick managed without braking anything with open and diffs.

My only excuse is like Tony says we probably weigh a ton more than Nick. <_<;)


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Damage: new steering box needed, finished off a few seals, got mud behind the tyre beads again (4 time in a row :angry: )

Plus points: CVs (absolutly awesome, forgot to remove the front locker at one point and only realised when the vehicle wouldn't turn on hard ground :unsure: ) and underdrive (I couldn't reccomend it more highly to anyone with an autobox, I've got awesome engine braking again).

Nick did a very impressive job. I really need to put the 90 on a diet.......

Ripley, PM sent...

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