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OT sorry - mitsubishi L200's

Chris Davies

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Sorry to post off topic (it is a 4x4 though :rolleyes: )

My trusty series 2 which has been working very hard for its living has just failed its MOT so I'm now looking to do a bit of a rebuild.

So needs must and I am in desperate need of a work vehicle and have been offered a 1999 L200 double cab for 2k its an import with 130k kms on the clockand looks at first glance to be in good condition.

Has anyone got any experience of owning or using one, what are they like? what are they like on fuel etc etc

Any comments gratefully recieved.



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weve got an 08 one, its a bit different to the 1999 one.

all in all its not a bad truck, not quite as good as a landy though ;)

only problem being that its towing capacity is 2.7 tonnes not 3.summat like the land rovers are

or is it 5 and 3 quarters for a disco :ph34r:


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Had one for 15 years. In that time it was on its second engine and second gearbox. It was a 1991 model and 4WD twin cab. When I sold it I had done 330000 k's. The only reason I went through two engines was that I was using to drag the boat (about 3 tonnes) and the load was too heavy (cooked the engine on a hill climb).

Solid, strong, and reliable vehicle. Good engine and gearbox. Was still in pretty good condition when sold but wanted something with more pull for the boat.

Fuel economy is not great but mine was dual fuel (LPG & petrol) so that helped a lot. Got about 300-350 k's per tank.

Heads don't crack at 100k miles, but if mistreated. Look after it, service it when required, and it will look after you.

Not fantastic as an off-roader but that is not what they are designed for. There still quite a few around here (even of that vintage) used by tradespeople. They are designed as a trade-type wagon and that is what they do well.


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I got my hands on a new one last year on loan from a main stealer when we were building a new course at the Bath and West showground. Everyone who drove it hated it and tried to avoide driving it, we all prefered the old 200tdi disco's we have on site. Off road its main problems were breakover angle and departure angle, you really need to re think your line if you take it off road. At one point on the course we had a small ridge we were planning to cross at a angle, all the LR's, J**p's and even the H3 would pass over it like it wasn't there, the L200, stuck every time no matter what angle. Admitidly it didn't have the rear diff lock but it was on decent tyres, BFG AT's. Oh and that was in the dry. If your planning on driving over flat ground you will be ok but anything else, forget it.


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