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Gloucestershire 4x4Response on TV


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I think it said Andy Young and on the BBC of all channels showing them in use to ferrying important hospital staff/ nurses/docs about in the inclement weather.

Tony / all

Wessex 4x4 Response have had numerous vehicles out since Monday, covering an area from Exmoor up to Devizes and down into Dorset. We called in mutual aid from our colleagues in Gloucester 4x4 Response as the snow spread into Stroud and the Cotswolds.

The guys have done a sterling job supporting Great Western Ambulance Service, Dorset Police, local doctors and organisations such as meals on wheels. 4x4 Response vehicles have been used for everything from patient transport, moving staff and for recovery of vehicles stuck in the snow. Our controllers - me included - have had to juggle day jobs with running comms and telephone enquiries from the emergency services and the call out log sheets are now starting to read like "War and Peace"!

As a charity, we're always looking for support ourselves - be that in the form of membership, money or equipment. If you don't mind a little blatant advertising on the forum, more information can be found on the website - www.wessex4x4response.org.uk or the National 4x4 Response website - www.4x4response.info

We still have vehicles and drivers out now in support of the Ambulance Service, and cover has been requested through the night and into tomorrow...

Matt Neale (WE03)

Mendips Team - Wessex 4x4 Response

W: www.wessex4x4response.org.uk

Wessex 4x4 Response is a Registered Charity 1114087

Part of the National 4x4 Response Association

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I was telling the Mrs about it! I think it as the jumping up and down going "look look look" that got her attention...

Good to get a bit of positive publicity every now and again.

I'll joining this one once the truck is fully operational


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There should be a press release coming out soon I think from the 4x4 Response. At the moment everyone's been too busy to worry about stuff like that. There are a quite a few members who use this forum - they know who they are!

I know other Response Groups across the UK have also been called out, but I think this area has seen one of the biggest mobilisations since the floods hit Gloucestershire in 2007.

One thing I will say is that the volunteers on the ground have really made an impression with the blue light services through their professionalism - both GWAST and Dorset Police have called us out on multiple occasions over the last few days, and they couldn't thank us enough. I don't for one minute think that any of the members have joined for the publicity or the recognition, but it's nice to know that user bodies (Police / Ambulance etc) appreciate it.

Like you said - at last, something positive in the news about 4x4s.... :P


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This morning in my normal car got as far as the Avonmouth Bridge before I received a phone call from my boss to tell me to go home. On the way back to BOS on the almost single lane M5 at the time heard a spokes person from Great Western Ambulance Service on BBC Bristol thank Wessex 4x4 Response for all the help they had being giving.

Good publicity.

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Sorry Tim - didn't see your reply until just now as I've been too busy to log in!!!

Update -

Great Western Ambulance Service have been using W4x4R all day. We also now have a new user body in the form of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Main roads have been fairly clear if slushy most of the day, but off the main roads and anywhere near high ground it's artic conditions with deep drifts and compacted snow. I was sent home from work first thing as the site I work at was treacherous with the amount of snow - so been ferrying paramedics etc around all day.

More low temps and snow forecast, so could be a busy weekend.

As for Gold - at the moment, me, then back to Bob later....!

Cheers guys,


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