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Reluctant to rev after hydrolock.


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When I bought my disco it had done 113k, it's a 1997 R reg 300tdi. I bought it, put some offroad tyres on it and went to a play day... where I got stuck in some water without a snorkel, result; hydrolock :(

After much investigation I had bent a rod. So I changed the bent rod, using the original shells and it starts and runs fine. Ive done 3k miles since doing this with no problems or any dreaded 'knock' from the crank (which I thought I would get) so good so far :blink:

Since this mishap the engine seems reluctant to rev past approx 3200rpm whilst on the road (in high box). There's plenty of power available upto these revs on the road and revs fine whilst in low box. But... It just doesn't want to rev like it did before on the road. I.E up a steep hill in 2nd or 3rd.

Things ive checked and done: Full service, all filters, new oil (twice), cleaned sedimentor. New gearbox/transferbox oil and diff oils. One of the injectors was knackered so changed (just the one).

Could the other injectors not be 100%? Causing it not rev properly? It's as if it wants to go, like hitting flat spots through the rev range after 3200rpm.

I can live with it but it's just doing my nut knowing it's not spot on :blink:

Any ideas? :(



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Does it also have a rough edge to it, maybe not as smotth as before ?

Highly likely somethings gone and bent a tad inside other than what you have found

sometimes not noticeable to the naked eye, just a ickle bit bent

from a conrod to a pushrod, you'll need to consider having a closer look,

Diesels are not in any my forte, ..........but V8s or TD5s the effect in water is very very similar :(


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I agree with Nige - water into the injection pump might also be worth investigating as they are not waterproof and drowning something can lead to corrosion and seizing in the diaphragm unit.

I think a compression test should be your first job though, this will show up any problems there, and then check the valve clearances are OK though I assume you would have done all these in the course of rebuilding the engine?

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I would do a compression check especially on the three cylinders which did not have a bent rod. 300Tdi rods bend very easily - we bent one on the starter motor when it hydrauliced. A slightly bent rod will give low compresssion on that cylinder. That is just the first thing to do, of course, but at least it doesn't cost much.

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Thanks for the replys. I wouldn't say it was rough or any noiser but somethings not right. :blink:

I didn't check the valve clearances when I rebuilt it. Wished I had now. I'll do a compression test and take it from there. I forgot to say I changed the turbo, I fitted a boost gauge and checked the pressure... 15 psi.

Thanks ;)

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