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200TDi Fuel Tank

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It looks like I'll be needing a new fuel tank soon as it is leaking. I don't know how old it is - it could be the original!

What I'm interested in is preserving/lengthening the life of the new one. I've heard you can get stainless steel/anodised fuel tanks. I had a thought of painting it with something durable and obviously pay particular attension to the fuel tank area when cleaning after off raoding not to let any mud sit up between the tank and seatbox.

If anyone has had experiance with any of the above or have anyother suggestions I would like to hear them.

Thanks for your help.


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Frost.co.uk do a tank lining paint. Basically you pour it in and swill it around an let it set. It can apparently also resore a leaking tank.

Here's the URL


sorry but rubbish at hyperlinks

oh it works

I have been looking in to this, have you used it? does it not clog the pick up pipes etc?

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