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Procomp Shocks


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I have just fitted a set of +5 Procomps

How tight do you do up the bolts? It may seem a silly question.

So far I have wound the nut on and its showing about a 15mm of thead. The bushes have compresessed as they should but the nut doesnt seam to be tight, not much presure need to turn the nut.

Is this right or should I keep tightening?

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Agree totally they should be able to move, that's why when people put polybushes on them the top eye rips off too little movement with a poly bush. Have run them for years and had no problems but always used rubber bushes. Every snapped one i have seen has had Polybushes in :huh::huh:

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do it up so that the bushes just start to compress and make sure there is no movement in the bush then it will be fine as said if you do it up to tight it will snap the loop of the top on articulation they dont need to be tight

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as long as you cant rotate the shock by had (tubed white bit) the bushes have a slight compression she's tight but thats just how i do it

on a side note i snapped the pin on a rear one for no reason it just snapped, also check that you havent got old stock and the eyes are welded on not tacked like a few old stocks were

on the front maybe worth grinding/cutting off about 5-10mm of the bottom pin as they can become very close to the axle and bend if bottom out against the axle casing or worse brake the axle casing, fit them first before you decide how much needs removing


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x2 on chopping a few mil from the bottom of the front shocks - if the bushes go then the shock clonks on the axle, which gets squashed and you can't get the nut off. It's an MOT failure too. Ask me how I know :angry:

Just noticed one of my ProComps leaking - only had them 8 years :D I'll be replacing them with the same.....

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Did you get the kit from me ?

All the shocks i supply should come pre assembled with BUSHES/BUSH ISOLATION WASHER and NYLOCK NUTS

especially the procomp shocks as there is to much thread on them and no shoulder to tighten the nut down to

this is why our procomp shocks are a little more expensive off us as we have to do this to them

The nuts you want are 1/2 inch UNF thread a T NUT and you should be using the BUSH ISOLATION WASHER to centralise

the bush in the hole , this stops the pin of the shock wearing out on the hole in the mounts

The bush also must go the right way as they have 2 diameter locators on them , on a land rover you use the smaller

one against the mounting hole

To tighten them just don't over tighten them let the bush and shock flex you can always tighten them a little more if they

are to loose rather than over tighten and brake the pin off

hope this has answered what you want ?

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