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90 fuel tanks

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I'm putting a 90 tank in my hybrid to try and recover some of the lost space in the loadbed.

I know the won't-fit-part tanks are formed from soft cheese, but are the bearmach ones any better? Are they actually made of metal? If so, where sells them at a good price? Tricky to work out as most mail order co's don't specify the make, although I know paddocks sell the s***part ones.

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when i put a hole in my fuel tank, the only people that had any stock were britpart - so i had to buy theres.

however I did take a quick trip down to hellfrauds and bought some 'in tank sealing paint/epoxy stuff' and put that in. I also painted the outside of the tank with red oxide and then hammerite before fitting it.

2 years later it is still leak free.... for now.

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I doubt there will be any real difference between the makes but whichever make you go for, paint it before fitting it if you want it to last, pay particular attention to the seams as that is where water/road salt/dirt will get trapped and eat away at the metal if it's unprotected.

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Cheers Les. I've ordered one from Mail Order 4x4 in plymouth - phoned them first to confirm they supply Bearmach ones.

Dave W - yes I was planning on giving it a couple of coats of underseal all over before it goes on. I've got some stuff that dries as hard as concrete and doesn't chip like hammerite tends to.

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