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Inner Tubes


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The designation on size is TRxx

The thin valve are TR13 and the thick ones are TR15

so a tube with a valve to fit a typical "tubeless" wheel hole would be a 7.50R16TR13, a tube to fit a Defender tube-type wheel with a fat valve would be a 7.50R16TR15

As Jon said you can buy tubeless valves as TR13 and TR15 though the TR13 ones are the "normal" size.

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Last time I came accross this the tyre dealer, think it was ATS, had a box ful of small plastic "adaptors" that slipped over the smaller valve stem to aid alignment & prevent damage. He didn't even charge, said they were pennies for a box.

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We used to have them for sale too, I think they were called "ferrules" IIRC, convert a TR13 tube to be used in a Defender or similar TR15 rim. I seem to remember mostly they were used on 205R16 tubes as we couldn't get 205R16TR15s or they were stupidly expensive or something.

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