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This post refers to the recent Frontera related posts.....

I know very little about how the law enforcement regarding green lanes and byeways in the UK works so excuse my ignorance. However I will tell you a little about how we make a difference over here.

Firstly I will place my cards on the table - I own and run an outdoor experience company that among other things leads "urban cowboys" on out door trips - but responsibly, and I see this not only as a way of making a living but also educating the masses. Contrary to some of the posts on the other two threads I belive that people making money by leading such trips can do lots of good.

A few years ago I and several other outdoor pros asked the law enforcement authourities in Israel if we might be allowed to help protect the outdoors that is the very essence of our business. After much discussion the aforesaid authourities decided that any of us who had a clean record (and I mean spotless) would be trained and allowed to join on a voluntary basis but that if we were found to be taking advantage of our status we would be droped and then charged.

Having completed a course in law enforcement and nature preservation I, and 5 others, joined the Nature Reserves Authourity and have all the clout afforded to a ranger including stop and search rights and the power to arrest offenders. We prefer to warn and educate but have in the past been driven to arrest and cuff offenders and bring them to trial.

Although the authourities were at first worried by the proverbial "cat gaurding the cream" the project has proved to be a huge success as we are in effect undercover and also provide a much needed boost to the manpower available to the authourities.

So why don't some of you try and get the authourities to deputise you so that you can help protect what you guys care about ????


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An extremely good suggestion Adam. I know it's been argued before but I would be quite prepared to pay for a licence to drive on Green Lanes etc with the funds raised being used to pay for an enforcement service. I know that legally we are allowed to drive them (for now anyway) as we pay road tax etc. However, a licensing system would allow better control of the hooligan element.


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Having paid 'wardens' is ok, but what powers would they have? The only people that would make you jump are the Police or similar persons with Police powers of arrest. Taking pictures/ making notes can be done by anybody, then the Police or appropriate authority hopefully will act on it.

Fiona pointed out to the guy (in an equally capable off-road vehicle) that what he was doing was wrong, and he should visit GLASS website in order to understand what are after all reasonable guidlines. In response we got our own personal mud coating.

If you or I were paid a reasonable wage to be a 'Lane Warden' and this guy was doing what he was, then do you really think that it would make much difference to his behaviour unless you could say:-

"I'm an authorised Lane Warden, and I'm informing you that your actions as witnessed by myself and recorded for possible leagl action, are contrary to (?) act 2005. Unless you leave this lane immediately and in a proper manner, I will notify the relevant authorities of this matter, and you will face legal proceedings in a Magistrates court. You will be issued with a notification of this in due course and further behaviour of this sort will result in immediate prosecution and possible vehicle siezure under the relevant laws'

Now that would work!

Les. :)

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Lets be realistic, were never going to get paid green lane wardens with the current situations of the public demanding more police on the "beat",

The next best thing would a volunteer like a special constable, which I believe (I may be wrong) have the same or similar powers as the police. We could have a trained volunteer lane warden which have the same or similar powers as the police, theses people would have to have day jobs which involve travailing around green lanes.

Tom :)

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I do not get paid for my time spent "patroling". Most of the time I just do it as I go along doing my other things so the only "cost" is the actual time I spend dealing with offenders so no problems there. There are times when I am specificaly asked to be at a given place at a given time in order to change a ranger who is sick or to beef up the force and that too is totaly voluntary including diesel and wear and tear.

Volunteering to promote causes you believe in is the only real way to put your money where your mouth is and make a true difference. Even if you guys organize to photograph and then complain you will make a difference especially if you publicize because then joe blogs will think twice before comitting offences.

Over here the nature preservation laws are draconian - driving beside a marked trail (the slightest of offences) will get you a criminal record for life + a minimum 100 pound fine. If the powers involved decide to really go after you then you may find yourself paying thousands of pounds to repair the damages you caused. Just the hassle of answering a complaint is big because it will cost the offender at least two interviews with the investigators at the investigator's convenience both in terms of time and venue. Failure to identify yourself before a ranger will get you arrested and then all the above, fleeing a ranger gets you in REAL trouble let alone spraying him with mud etc.

You guys have to do something before the minority spoils it for ever. Think what good publicity it would make if the off roading clubs/forums in the UK baned together to set up a voluntary force to patrol green lanes and help prevent the kind of reckless use that ramblers and greenies complain about. It would take the wind right out of their sails - IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM THEN JOIN THEM. You guys have neighbourhood watches so the foundations in terms of law etc are probably already there - now set up "neighbourhood" watches for the wilds.


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What we need is to get a load of people, who provide green laneing holidays,

In on this idea as they are the people who are going to be traversing the green lanes more often, and they are more likely to get "police powers" once we got them on board.

We can then go about a way to get them "police powers".


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