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Polybush Kits-Recommendations required

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As I am near to buying all the components for the suspension on my rebuild I am now at a point where i will need to get bushes throughout.

It looks like a decent comfort set are about £130 and the only two choices that pop up are superpro and a set supplied from matt savage.

Any body used these and any recommendations? :)

All the best

G :)

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Yes fit genuine bushes

Polybush and other similar stuff last less than 7 months on mine so consigned to the bin

Expensive overrated bling junk IMVHO :(

Do a search and you'll find a thread of mine with pictures that show how they fell apart


i agree, landrover made them rubber for a reason, i had pollybushes on my old 80 leafer, didnt last very long at all. the only plus being they came out easier than the originals, went back to rubber and they've been in 2 years now.

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Thanks for your honest and objective views on polybushes! :D ive heard this a few times with regard poly bushes being a bit pap and you may have swayed me to go originals.

Taking this route who would you recommend that would sell a complete kit of originals bushes that wont be **itpart equivelants?

Would someone like paddocks sell a complete OEM set?

Thanks again for your advice.


G :)

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