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Td5 tank an guard on 300tdi 90

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have been mounting my tank on the on the back of my 90 today, that all went fine an was easy enough two brackets an job done, but the problem was that when i came to mount the Td5 tank guard that was easy enough to see how it fitted on the bolty bit but wondered what anyone thought of the two tabs (pic's below).

i can't decide if there suppose to be put behind the cross memeber (cut two slits in the back) to hold it up or if there suppose to be left as on the pic so when you hit anything it flexies up and makes conact with the bottom of the cross member, there's plenty of room behind the guard for it to move but was just unsure

any thought would be useful can soon make something to mount it underneith a bit more ridged







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i had woundered that but the cross memeber is a Td5 one (marshlands do them like that with the new front out riggers and gearbox crossmember) and already had all the other holey bits there an ready so had kinda ruled that out as a standard option but was an option if i was to modify it on.

once all bolted up as is its ridged which made me wounder if it was suppose to be like that


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the only problem would be that there's a sheet on 1-2mm steel behind the x member an if i hit the gaurd there wont be much to stop it going up,

confusing but i think the nut an bolt is the best way to go at the mo


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