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18'' A/T

Tear it up

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As title. I have a set of 18'' rims on my TD5, tyres aren't too bad at the moment, but will need replacing in the next 6 - 12 months. It's currently on 255 60 18's, but have been told that 255 55 18's fit quite well as well. Have been given a price of £129 + vat (£150 fitted) each fot general grabber all terrains. Does anyone know of anything better or any other tyre choice worth looking into?



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That sounds quite expensive I think we sell them for less than that and that is after freighting them 8000 miles.... I'd check the 4Site centres out for prices.

You can get both 255/55 and 255/60 in the AT2s but the original equipment size on a D2 is 255/55R18. However I think I'd bin the 18s and get a set of 16s with 255/70R16 on, they tramline less on seams in the road, ride comfort is better and a Discovery on low profile tyres just looks wrong ;)

That's what I run on my D2 and the next set will be AT2s (currently running 255/70R16 BFG ATs)

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Try local independant places. I picked up my set of 255/55R18 GB AT2s for £105 per corner fitted and balanced. They were considerably cheaper than a new set of Goodyear Wrangler road tyres, which is what tipped the scales in the favour of the Grabbers....... You may find that local places don't stock them, but can order them in if you leave a deposit or pay up front.

I don't have any issues with tramlining on 18"s with ATs.........and the roads are utter carp round here!!

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