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Boot Floor Replacement


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Hi all

I have just discovered my boot floor needs replacing, on searching the net i have found some guides on replacing it but they are using pot rivets to secure it.

So my question is will this pass an MOT and will it be strong enough???????


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I asked my MOT inspector about this a couple of months back (well respected chap in the Landrover community) he reckoned pop rivets would be fine as the disco has a separate chassis, and the seat belts are bolted through the floor and onto the chassis, so the floor isn't actually structural in a safety sense....

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Ive have just nearly finished mine, but i have seam welded all the way round the floor lip, as pretty much all of the struts were rotten and the sill that it should sit on. Its probably been the most stressful thing i have tried to do on a car :P But its worth it in the end :D Ill post some pictures up tomorow most probably.

I should have rivited it in, as it would have been a 1000 times easier, but gave me a good opertunity to give arc welding a go :P

I know that has given no real answer for you but, thats the way i have done it :D


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Thanks for all your replies :D

Now where do i ge one from? i see there are a lot of suppliers on the web ranging in price and was wondering if there was any difference in thickness metal or are they standard thickness.

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