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axle questons

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Hi, im planning on fitting both axles from H reg disco onto my 1992 200tdi 90 so i have discs on the back and i currently have a dented pan on the front so i would like to get rid of that aswell, i also plan to fit air lockers to them in the future.

so my questiones are:

1. Can i change the disco axles to 24 spline by changing the half shafts, cvs and flanges if i fit a 24 spline locker?

2. Will i have to change anything on the front of my 90 like steering drop arm etc?


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The change to 24 spline came at L reg for the very last of the 200 series. You will probably have to change the hubs over as well as the shafts etc (you may get away with the rears) but the swivel housings and axles tubes are basically identical between the early and late axles.

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If you don't have / want to fit the wider front radius arms you can space the original radius arms with heavy duty washers. My local nut and bolt factor stocks them at 3mm thick, a pair of them prety much sort the problem. ;)


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