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oil in air box

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My first thought would be the turbo blowing oil back into the housing, but im not even sure iof its possible. Otherwise is there a crank case breather running to it??

(sorry, only got a non-standard TD5, so canna look at one to check!)

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It does have a breather going into the air box, and ive checked the pipes arent blocked, could the fact im running it without a filter at the moment have an effect?


Running without an filter won't have any effect. How long is it since you cleaned it out and how much oil is in there?

It will be coming from the breather, some oil is normal, a lot means you've got compression gases blowing past the piston rings pressurising the crankcase, :( . Take the oil filler cap off with the engine running, as you take it off listen for a noise indicating that there was pressure in the engine. Also check for smoke/oil coming from the filler hole once the cap is removed.

If you're worried it may be worth getting a compression test done.



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There is enough oil in there to make it leak between the 2 halves of the air box which is what made me look in there, the turbo pipe is coated in oil also.

I cleaned out the air box yesturday and its leaking still.

I took the filler cap off there is no smoke/oil, there is a little pressure againt my hand when i cover it.

les: i assume the oil seperator is in the sump??


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No air filter will have no immediate effect on the oil in the breather, though in the long run you'll end up with scored bores and a loss of compression.

As you look at the engine from the front, the black plastic cylinder thats bolted to the left hand side of the engine, between 2 and 3 injector pipes. It should have a wire mesh/filter in it, these can get blocked up, corroded in time.

Never bought one but it shouldn't be expensive, it's just a plastic tub with some wire mesh in it!

EDIT: part number ERR1471, about £15 from here http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listi...1471&page=1

But it's no good just swapping bits and hoping for the best, we need a bit more diagnostics work first! Take the air intake pipe off the turbo, and have a look inside. It shouldn't be swimming with oil, although it's normal to have oil in there. Then take hold of the turbine and see if there's any play side to side. Again a little (about 1mm) should be normal, any more than 2mm and there could be turbo problems. If you're happy with the turbo, then get an empty coke bottle, a little one, and tywrap it somewhere near the airbox. Then take the breather pipe off the airbox and tywrap it into the coke bottle. Blank the airbox hole with something. Then run your Landy for a bit, see if the oil is gathering in the bottle rather than the airbox. This will either confirm or eliminate the breather as the problem.

Then report back here!

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Cheers cieranc, i will try and do that tommorow because all my tools are at work and im not taking my 90 to work tommorow, then i shall report back.

just so i know if oil does collect in this bottle does that mean there a problem with the breathing?

cheers again

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No, it's a crankcase breather & it seperates the oil vapours from the gases & passes the oil back to the sump, some will however end up in the air filter & it's not a problem, clean the hoses out,clean or replace the breather unit & fit a decent air filter element, your engine will last much longer by having filtered air to run on & the bores won't get scored by any unwanted dirt.

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i do need to get another air filter, as i destroyed the k&n that was already in it, should i get a normal filter or are the k&n really worth the extra money?, i have heard people say they are piontless

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Yes, you should have a filter fitted. It'll damage your engine/turbo without one.

Bit of a marmite subject. Some people reckon they're the dogs, others blame them directly for scored liners.

I think the performance gains in a diesel are negligable. And don't forget they're a service item, they're not 'fit and forget' as some people think.

I have a boy racer cone filter fitted to my 200TDi, but thats because I never got an airbox with the engine (retro fit into 2.5 petrol 110) and this filter was kicking about at the time, so I made it fit. It should be good enough, it came off a 3.0 24v Cosworth.

Re-oiled it when fitted.

That said, I'd rather have fittted a standard airbox and OE filter.

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Update: I have now replaced the breather with a used one i had lying around which i cleaned before hand, i then did wot cieranc said put a bottle on the breather pipe and plugged the hole in the air box and no oil entered the bottle for the few minuites i had i connected, i then put a brand new OE filter in and took for a road test and it looks like its been sorted, no oil fell out as i seperated the air box, although there is oil on the plastic bit of the filter which is worrying but for the time being it seems to be ok.

thanks guys

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