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Series 2, when you indicate either way the column light flashes once and then stops but you can hear the flasher relay continue to click and the indicators indicate! What’s that all about??



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Not sure the Series 2 has a trailer warning lamp.....

The output for the trailer warning lamp will be on most newer relays so if it's had a new one fitted at some point with this connection, then the lamp could be connected to the wrong output as said (under normal use with no trailer, the trailer warning lamo flashes once and then stops, if a trailer is connected the light continues to flash)

Join the repeater lamp to the wire to the other front indicator, most flasher relays will run 2 x 21 watt bulbs and a 5w repeater and they all wire up to one output on the relay so it's fine to just join the wires.

Hope that helps


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The note above sounds good except that my Hybred has a trailer flasher wired up and used to flash normally on the dashboard. Now it does as this thread, flashes once and stops. Nothing has changed in the wiring.


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that's very strange, do the indicators continue to flash?

I think i'd start by checking the earth on the dash light, then get out the multimeter and make sure that the positive wire is still getting a pulsed 12v from the flasher, check the wiring back to the flasher next, cleaning any connections you find and if all else fails try another flasher unit.



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