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Removing military paint from rubber


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Hi all

I've an ex MOD 127 ambulance.

I'm trying to clean up the rubber trim around the front ventilation flaps.

There was loads of paint on them - I think the squaddies were generous and not too particular with the job! Where it was thick I've been able to just pick it off without damaging the rubber, but it wont shift where its thin.

The rubber is good so I dont want to buy new ones.

What solvent can I use which will shift the paint but not damage the rubber?

Any ideas?

Cheers in advance


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Dont even bother trying-the military paint is a bugger to shift-nitromors hardly touches it but will destroy the rubber/plastic anyway, if you sand it off the cobalt in the paint buggers your lungs!

I tried meths, white spirits, methylene chloride (the active agent in nitromors), Nitromors itself, NMP, Citrisolve, xylene, none of them touch it.

My solid carbon dioxide shot blaster didnt even shift it from the panelwork.

If its only the vent seals-pull them off bin em and fit new ones-they'll probably be perished anyway and there cheap.

I ended up replacing my radiator grill, wheel arch spats, vent rubbers, glass door seals, and probably a few other plastic bits and bobs when I stripped all the squaddy applied cack off mine.

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Thanks all. Saved me a lot of effort.

From what Rusty says it seems like a new pair of rubbers are needed.

Oh well. I hate throwing things away that are serviceable, but they do look a mess....


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I had the same problem on my 69 2a, It had Hammerite, Red Oxide primer and blue over spray on them, Peeled off the thickest parts, Chucked them in a bucket of hot water to soften paint up and got all the thick off and then let them dry and just over sprayed them with a black aerosol.. And they look like new for 20 minutes work. But if your taking them off you might aswell re-fit new..

Depends on if your on a budget I suppose..

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If you have a scrap piece of rubber try Nitromors paint stripper.

WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T GET IT ON THE TRUCK! As it does exactly what it sats on the tin.



& wash your hands before you go to the loo !!!! it burns other parts as well !!!

Dont ask me how I know :unsure::unsure::unsure:

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