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will a td5 flywheel fit a 200tdi ???????

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I also doubt it would fit.

TD5 uses a larger clutch and has different splines, its also a completely different engine from a different family, so i really cant see it having the same bolt pattern on the end of the crankshaft.

There must be a reason your wanting to do this?

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Thanx all.... I'm still building up my short R380. I have finished the gearbox and i'm just on with making the bell housing but time has been limited recently. I did replace my transfer box last week though for a one with 1.2 ratio which was a good step and the 200tdi handles it well. Logically i should of waited till i fitted the new gearbox but my transfer box was giving out some weird noises and bad vibrations.

I still have some vibration which i think is layshaft rattle, which is part of the reason for building the short R380.

But .. yesterday morning i was reading that it was common for the old flywheels to create/transmit vibration along the drivetrain. It was said that the dual mass flywheel solved this problem. I also can't see how this can be especially as they said the problem was worse at about 50mph...

Anyway .. My thought was, if it helps with vibration and the box is off anyway, and if it fits, then it may be worth a go.

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