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Raised air intake - that bit of flexi hose

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Hey guys,

The flexi-hose in the middle of my raised air intake is starting to perish and I was on my way to replace it, howoever it seems that that specific part is only certified for the 200TDi ... and I've got a 300TDi.

What is the difference? I know that the air intake is on the left hand side of a 200TDI Landy as opposed to the right hand side of a 300TDi but surely the flexi-hose will fit both kits, right?

(want to make sure before I order)

Cheers for your time.


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Which snorkel manufacturer? There are several people all selling the same thing. We used to get Mantec ones at work, and used to keep a snorkel kit in stock and one of each of the elbows - LH for 200 and RH for 300, the rest of the kit was interchangeable. It might vary between manufacturers but I think you'll find if the same manufacturer produces snorkels for a 200 and a 300 the hose will be the same.

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Mantec will sell you the flexi hose bit (for a Td5 anyway), but at £30 +P&P. My LR dealer has quoted me £30 and no P&P, so it's on order from them (same manufacturer - Mantec!), picking it up on Saturday. However, I just found out that the only way the LR main dealer can get the hose as a separate item is to order it as a Tdi part (I've no idea if it's 200 or 300, so thanks for the heads up, guys). The whole snorkel is one item number for Td5 Defenders. At least I'll be able to check it there and then at the dealership, and if it doesn't work, I won't take it, at which point I'll have to buy from Mantec.

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