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Any one had problems with BF Goodrich MT


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I have a set of Bf Goodrich MT, 33/12.5/15 on a 10x15 rims.

I have had these tyres about 10 months. Up to now i have had no problems with them. However after a recent trip greenlaning, the side walls on all four tyres now have a white patch all around the circumference. They have been returned to Mitchlin, who have been messing me about for the last 6 wks. They are now saying that the damage caused to the tyres have been caused by the tyres rubbing against the mud???

These are mud tyres and their website even state that their tyres are Extremly robust and hardwearing and have a Exceptional resistance to attack (crown and sidewalls), particularly when used at low pressure. They are designed deep mud ruts and state they are capable of alot more that what we used them for. There customer service is terrible, and very un helpful just stating that its due to the mud rubbing on the side walls.

Has anybody else had or heard of any problems simliar to this.

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No experience as such, but a quick tip...

I didn't get any choice with mine (they came fitted to the rims) but swap the tyres on the rim so the white writing is on the inside and problem solved.

It's a cosmetic issue only really, and quite common to see on BFGs IMHO.

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The black rubber has been abraded by stones and similar matter in the mud you were driving through and the layer of white rubber beneath (used to form the white lettering) has been exposed. This has happened because your tyres were slightly wider than the ruts you were driving in, and as such they have suffered greater damage then might have been the case for someone else running on tyres/wheels/vehicle the same width as the ruts.

IMHO, it is damage caused by the user and is not indicative of a manufacturing defect. Of course, this is without seeing the tyres.

As Steve suggests above, buy a narrower tyre/wheel combo (255/85R16 on Wolf rims for example) and you will not get the same problem to the same degee.


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Usually "white wall tyre syndrome" is caused by tyres being kerbed by careless drivers - rubbing along the side of kerbs when parking, you see a lot of it here usually the front tyre, and on any make with white lettering including BFG and Kumho. I'd be surprised if one offroad trip would do it but as others have said - might be a problem if you are running down narrow ruts.

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