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Chequer Plate Alternative

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Does anyone out there know who does wing/bonnet plates that have a black non-slip coating instead of the chequer plate ? I think I saw some at Billing ?

And will they make the wings/bonnet stiff enough for 16st of english fatboy to clamber up and stick stuff on a Defender's roofrack ?



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I recently bought some Tread Master. It is a non-slip rubber matting that is used in the marine industry, normally on boat decks.

It is available in all sorts of sizes, but I got the pack that has 2 sheets in, and I used it in place of the usual tread plate on my winch bumper ends. Looks really nice and is a doddle to fit, as it is self-adhesive.

I have seen it before used on wing tops (mounted on top of tread plate I think?), and I reckon it would look and work great in that application



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Another option (practical rather than pretty) would be to get some cheapy 3mm chequer plate and paint it with some of that grippy truck-bed liner that you can buy - I was eyeing up some called Protectakote for the back of my Ranger.

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I'll second that, just got two sheets 84x30 cm for a tenner, done the rock sliders and the top of the front bumper with some to spare, dead grippy and replaceable too if it ever wears out, you can even get different colours! i saw green cammo in the skate shop i went to! would have had that if it had been desert cammo!

i'll post a pic later if anyone wants to see?

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