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Hi! New member saying Hello....and a question!


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I Have owned a 110 defender in the past, fantastic bit of kit, it would go anywhere!

Unfortunately the engine blew up.

At the time we were having a few problems and could not afford to repair or replace the motor, so there ended my love affair! :rolleyes:

I now want to get another landrover....something that will 'Go anywhere', i have been loking at the lightweight landy's :):)

My question is, as long as i get a reasonably sound one, what are the pitfalls with the lightweights?

A guy that shoots at one of the clubs i go to, has a lightweight, with loads of mods, unfortunately i have not seen him in ages.

I would like to know about the 24volt system as well, is it best to have a converted one or doesn't it matter??

Thanks in advance for any replies! :)


(Mods please feel free to move this if it is in the wrong place...not very good at forums!..thanks)

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Lightweights mechanically and chassis wise are pretty much the same as a series land rover and go wrong/rot in the same ways. The big exception is the bulkhead vent panel which was designed to be unbolted and they rot horrendously, repair is difficult and genuine replacements are around £500 if you can find one. So buy on condition, not age. I'd be careful about one with loads of mods unless done properly or by a member of this forum ;)

24V is nothing to be afraid of and a lot of work to change. It is easy to change just the ignition system though and fit an electronic dizzy and normal spark plugs.

Lots of info and advise on the EMLRA forum (guys on there with extensive lightweight knowledge) and I think there's a lightweight forum as well.

Usually some for sale on www.milweb.net

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A lightweight, and any Series Land Rover, will be an acquired taste compared to a Defender. Series have leaf springs, drum brakes and no power steering - and upgrading is not simple.

If you must have a Lightweight then great, if you just want something Land Rover shaped then a Defender will be easier to live with - softer springs, power steering, disc brakes, more powerful engines, 5-speed gearbox. They will still leak, break down, and rust so that's OK.

As has been said, buy on condition, age is pretty much irrelevant. Don't buy on modifications, often they're not well done and they are never worth paying much extra for - a £1000 winch on the front bumper does not add £1000 to the value of the car, no matter how much the seller may want it to be true.

I find the Military enthusiasts want well over the odds for Land Rovers as they believe they're selling a rare piece of military history rather than one of many thousands of cars which happened to be painted green and ragged about by squaddies.

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Thanks guy's, that tells me 10x what i already knew!! :blink:

really though, reading through this forum, i just can't imagine how you gathered so much info??

I need a little runabout that isn't going to let me down and looks like a landrover should!

If you know what i mean! :rolleyes::):)

eightpot yhpm :)

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