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Hydraulic pump in stead of aircon


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The Hard top Tdi I own never had aircon installed. The mounting on the left hand side (Facing the engine from the open bonnet) is open. No belt either, but the pulleys are the standard one having an extra place for the aircon belt.

Using the powersteering pump (upgrading it) for hydraulic applications probably is the cost effiecent way to go. Ultimately I'd have the PTO driven one, but the PTO mounted pumps are non existant in South Africa.

Idea I'm toying with: I am thinking towards getting a second hand heavy duty pump mounted on the aircon mounting, driven by the crank pulley in the same way an aircon would be driven. Mount the resirvoir somewhere, a little plumbing, and there you go.

What will the problems/challenges be? Does the aircon belt usually have a tentioner? Belt length ? Vibrations of engine cause cracking of hydraulic pipes?

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Thanks.We have yet to see how the belt will perform in action.

It will perform fine until you want it to work under load under water/slop then may slip a bit.

I run the ZF in the same place for the hydro steer on same bracket and that slips in water.

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Anyone ever put a group 2 pump onto the aircon mounting point? I am about to do that and run via a chain drive. Depending on where looks more solid I may move the alternator up to the air con spot and mount the pump on the exhaust side. Bit more complicated brackets that way but it could end up being a lot stronger as it would be fixed to the block

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Thanks for the picture.

I guess it makes sense to have an electric fan instead of viscous to create the room. Also the arrangement will enable the use of the standard tentioner.

How do you go about fitting the pump to what used to be the drive pulley of the aircon belt?

This way there will be no tentioner?

Will the belt be wide enough to not slip?

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