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Thinking of adding a 110 TD5 to the fleet


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It's likely I will be looking at a 110 CSW TD5 2000(v) with relatively low miles ,55000, over the weekend

Now, I know where the problem areas on a 17 year old 90 are 'cos I've got one :D .

Where do I need to look on newer models :unsure:

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pretty much all the same areas ;)

Early TD5's had problem with oil getting into the wiring loom and screwing up the electrics. There's a tech bulletin on vins affected and recall.

Also early pre 2002 Defenders had an issue with throttle potentiometer with erratic rev response. This was replaced with a newer sealed unit on post MY2002 models.

Otherwise all pretty much standard Defender stuff to check for.

I'm sure John T can add a lot more.



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The opportunity of having a Defender as my daily drive is seriously affecting my brain making decision thinking thingy ;)

Replacing a +45mpg Volvo for a Defender when I do 400+miles a week isn't exactly sensible in the first place. I've been sensible long enough though. It's time I got something I want and will enjoy rather than does the job adequately.

I need to make a checklist or I might as well hand the guy my chequebook when I get there :rolleyes:

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funny how we are all different, i'm just about to start doing a lot of miles (got to get a job, uni nearly finished) and have decided the reliable, fairly nice Defender TDi has got to go, in favour of a Disco.... :)

so the Defender is in the exchange and mart, and i hope to have the new toy within a few weeks.... :D

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Jeez, when I was at uni I could barely afford a bicycle and couldn't do much better for a while after too.

For the money I'll be spending a Disco II would be on the cards but you cannot fit a Labrador, Flatcoat Retriever and a baby buggy in the boot. All these fit in the back of the 90 no problem but two adults and a baby seat in the front is a pain if the journey is more than 20mins.

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i'd keep a defender, quicker, just as comfortable in my opinion, you can get more in them, OK slightly nosier but mpg in std form noramlly better then disco. Well thats what i have found comparing 200 and 300 and td5s of mine against my fathers 200 and td5 disco. (and he goes slower!)

i used to commute 100 miles odd a day in my td5, avg 31 mpg, tdi used to be better than that until it got knicked!

then i stuck an overdrive on it and it made it a very enjoyable experience.

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Well, been to see the first one today, and it's a no go.

The only one that was localish,and in the year, mileage, price ballpark.

2000(v) £13000 Excellent condition throughout.

About top money of what I expected to pay, but if it was really good probably worth it.

Had some nice features.

Dog guard (quick release)

12 seats, one of which was in the boot as a cubby box was fitted.

All panels straight

No scratches

Full LR service history

Bad points

4 bent side steps

1 bent sill

1 bent bumper

rear centre belt catch corroded through the chrome finish :o

All seat belt fixings in the rear wet and rust coverered, this wetness appeared to be coming from the front edge of the seatboxes rather than down from the alpine lights.

rear seat belt caught in door latch a few times (my front was a little worse and falied the MOT)

Drivers seat backrest squab broken (on the inside edge!)

Both rear doors rusty and touched up above the door locks

One rear door "appeared" to be rusting through at the bottom

Work light fitted to rear on seperate switch, now the only reason I can think of for having a worklight on the rear is if you tow a lot, specifically horse boxes or plant where the light is useful for loading.

All the servicing was up north, so probably brought down south to up the price

Now I'm already thinking it's not worth the asking price.

The killer was:-

Started it up

Clutch down

into 1st

Handbrake off

foot on brake

get distracted talking to wife

realise the car is creeping along

check I'm on both clutch and brake.... Yes :blink:

Pumped the clutch and it was fine after that and for the rest of the drive, the gearbox did seem a bit stubborn though although that could be because I'm not used to it. (I'll have go in a mates sun/mon)

I didn't bother to crawl underneath as I had already been told there was no movement on price when I phoned. It was also very wet. I could see lots of dusty red mud though.

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