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Springs off a disco


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i have two front suspension springs, both have the paint markings

BLUE/GREEN/YELLOW - or the other way arond if i have them upside down!

they came off a a 1991 5dr 200tdi disco.

thing is i can't find them on the spring data sheets i normally use, i am keen to know the ib/inch.

has anyone got any pointers?

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Guest diesel_jim

blue/green/yellow springs for a disco are NTC8477 "with diesel engines,RHD" also used on the rangie with the Tdi conversion kit.

my microcat doesn't show any poundages though, just plain "with diesel" so i assume they're standard height/duty

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James, while they're off measure the wire diam and number of coils. Also are all the coils equi spaced? John will be able to give you poundage from that and cross check his spring data.

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Trev/Todd cheers for the info.

jsut fitted them this am though so am afraid i wont be able to measure them as the vehicle has now gone.

in the end the answer was not stiff enough i think (for 300tdi def) well not stiff enough to get rid of a 1.5" lean on the drivers side.

any ideas what else could cause the lean other than

change rear springs as well?

all bushes ect are OK.

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bent chassis/spring mounts/fuel in tank/fat driver/bent axle

car has been loaned to Mike D :)

did you ever see his RR bobtail

it lasted 3hrs

now has the biggest lean I've ever seen and now is lying in field rotting away.

Steve G went over this with springs on his Hybrid(now Tims) previously IIRC

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chassis is good, spring mounts OK

it was fine until about 3mths ago when he jacked the back up and when he let it back down it sagged! (or so i was told after we had changed the front springs)

rear springs are correctly seated, spring hangers and seats in good nick.

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