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changing track rods

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Measure the length as it is now and set to the same length on the new bar, or, if the bars are the same length, count how many threads it takes to unscrew them and screw them back in the same amount, or, fit it and get it set up at the garage


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119mm between track rod holes, that is the edge of the pitman arms with the hole in. That number is about right.

Other methods:

measure front and back of tyre and set them as near equal as you can get

fasten two big long sticks to wheels and then measure sticks at just in front of wheel and then at end, when you get the same number the tracking is about set

threaded rod with a joiner piece in the middle to compare front and back

tie a string all the way around the car (at wheel height!) and then you straighten one wheel, the string should lie flat on the other, if not alter.

Look from down the road at the back and you can see when straight (pref a 3 person job, one to alter, one to keep one wheel straight and one to shout instructions)

take to a garage and be told that the wheels are too big or that they don't do them :)

last option is do as I did, measure badly, look from the front and wear the arse off a set of grizzly claws in just 2 months :) expensive lesson

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I have a very narrow truck...

I think 1185mm is more the business, I measured from the edge, not the centre of the hole.

The measurement was from a RRC and used on a Def 90 and looks fine.

I'll use it for a RRC. take it that you took the measurement from the outside edges of the arm?



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