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Oil Filter Conversion


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Has anyone fitted an alternative oil filter to the standard can type found on a 2.25 diesel engine..??? I'm fed up with getting oil down my arm when changing the filter, as the through-bolt type fitted is a pain in the derrierre...

I was thinking along the lines of a.n.other vehicle (Sherpa...??) that may have a spin on filter that could be modified to fit...

Answers on a postcard please...




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Been there, done it, need to file the mounting holes out a bit to take the series mounting bolts. Think the series block gasket works ok with it as well. Have a spare one in the garage, pm me if u want it for a small fee.

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Somebody on this side of the pond makes a spin on oil filter adaptor [wise owl or rovers north I think] that is undoubtedly carried by someone on that side of the pond.


Got one of these fitted to the old Turtle. No worries. Bit fiddely to install but uses the same filter element as Defenders (200/300?). Seems to be OK (last time I looked) and much easier to work with than the original. Worth it.

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