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Rear corner protectors

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Well as topic. One of the weak spots on a defender 110 is the rear corners due to the massive overhang. Since I'm out of job at the moment I can't afford to go buy stuff like that. Anyhow i believe I can make it stronger myself. So work began today. Fairly simple design using 48mm tube. It's hard to tell by the pictures, but I cut the tube at the same angle as the flares, so as to be able to bolt them to the tube from the inside and get a nice and tidy look. I have only made one mounting bracket on them today but of course more will be added tomorrow to keep it hanging onto the vehicle ;)



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Hi Dan. I rarely see an Ø in my name on this site! :D I'm not sure I would want to make any of these for the purpose of making money. The thing is I really don't have any great tools for it so it's time consuming, noisy and very messy. I will simply not be able to defend all the effort put in it, in a fair price. It's not that it looks like much, and really it isn't but when you have to do everything with a grinder, it really is quite a task.

And to Steve. Yes the plan was to not make them too over the top. It's like every equipment you can buy for your Landy these days is designed in a modern way, nothing wrong with that, but the design on our cars are NOT modern in any way. So it kind of mismatches. That's the same reason why I made my winch bumper out of a stock one.

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Hi Dan. I rarely see an Ø in my name on this site! biggrin.gif .........

Hahaharolleyes.gif I knew you were definitely going to comment on the "Ø" .... Well I am planning on going on a welding schoolblink.gif .... Seen many welds looking like chicken pooh lately... Most likey people do not take the course seriously... your looks cool.

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The final fabrication.

Yes I did very much consider tying the front of them into the chassis, but when I got down and look at it, it really wasn't possible on the exhaust side. The muffler sits right when it would go in, so it would require a ridiculous bent, which would take away almost all the strength I would gain. So to be honest I'm a bit bommed out about the fact that I could not find a reasonable way to do it. But it simply must fit with stock exhaust as I'm trying to keep this car fairly stock for ease of parts. But I made the rest of the mountings fairly rigid so it should take some beating before bending the rear x-member.




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And by a total coincidence I discovered that the cut-outs from the holes I made in the plate actually where perfect for the job of fitting in the end of the tubing at the fender flare! :lol: Nice surprise

Thank you Dan but my welding really isn't that good. It's not much training you get as a motorcycle mechanic ;) But I've actually considered taking classes in welding aswell now that I'm out of job. Nothing like a good finsh :)


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