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Terra Firma Opinions/experience please


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Hi all,

I have a 2004 D2 with SLS. Mainly used for road work and towing a 2 tonne twin axle caravan.

It's getting around the time to replace the shock absorbers all round and I have been looking about.

Thinking of getting TerraFirma Gas filled to replace the standard LR shocks.

Any opinions/experiences greatly appreciated.


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We've just put a set of their +5" remote resevoir dampers on our truck and they've transformed it. It now actually handles well (in the land rover sense of the word!)

Haven't been on there long so can't comment on long term use/abuse. Currently i'd recommend them.


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Recently put their +5" non-reservoir dampers on the rear of my Rangie, they have it damped VERY well, bridges I used to have to drop to less than 30mph can be taken quite happily at 50mph now :) Off road I have no idea, only been back and running for a couple of weeks!

Previously I was running 2.5 year old +2" Procomps, they were shocking, if you'll excuse the pun, by comparison, and I don't remember them getting worse over their lifespan, just pretty squidgy from very early on. I do however have Procomps on the front, and they work quite well up there :)

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Thank you for the replies.

No complaints about the Standard LR shockers apart from the fact that they are getting a little sloppy especially when towing. No leaks as yet, but I suspect it won't be long. I know "Sam" was worked pretty hard towing before I got her.

I have checked everything else suspension wise, replaced a couple of bushes and refurbished the prop shafts. Shockers are the next thing on the list.

The reason for the change to gas is to try and improve the handling a little especially when towing. I know fitting STD LR shockers should firm up Sam a little. I was going to stick with normal height shockers, no lift and no need for off road, well not with the van on the back.

Gas seems to be the way to go rather than STD LR oil shockers.

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I have heard only positive about terrafirma shocks in general. I would be interested to hear how you get on though as we are looking to replace dads standard 90 shocks with the terrafirma gas shocks this summer when we do the suspension on that.



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I bit the bullet and ordered:

"A Full Set of Terrafirma Shock Absorbers

Suitable for Landrover Discovery 2 Td5 & V8

This shock absorber is a standard height gas fill for heavier duty, ideal for towing or carrying heavy loads as well as helping improve road handling.

Open length 590mm – closed length 365mm "

Not that much more expensive than a set of 4 STD LR shocks. :)

I'll update when I have fitted.

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