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wiper spindle wheel box

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The TD5 ones, at least on the ones I have, no longer use a splined shaft to hold the wiper arms, they are now held on with a nut. The end of the wheelbox shaft has a taper and a threaded portion, the wiper arms have a hole in them, they're not compatible with the older splined style with or without adaptors.

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While you've got it all apart, replace the rack cable too, they cost next to nothing even genuine from a stealer and they seem to be more prone to wear than the wheelboxes. Wish I'd done that when I did mine as the damn thing failed a week after it was on the road again !

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Yes, but they are different sizes in the wheel boxes on TD5 & TDi. They need to be a matched set with that in the motor end otherwise the ratio is incorrect giving less of a sweep!


TD5 is on the right ^

edited to add "with that in the motor end" and picture added to clarify.

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Have a look here: link Hope this helps clarify things a little!

The gear in the TDi motor assy can be swapped, but, by my calc's, it still won't give enough sweep with TD5 wheel boxes.

One other point, if its a problem with worn wheels you can turn them through 180 degrees (to work on the unworn area of the wheel) and bend the finger that holds the spindles axially a little if the arms appear to have gone sloppy.

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