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v8 stepper motor


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HI all,

firstly, yes i know stepper motors on v8's are not the best idea but megasquirting for me isn't an option.

i've got a 4.6 running a 3.9/4.2 earlier inj system.

i'm looking to replace the stepper motor but cant tie down which one i've got, i have 2 pt no's etc6660 and err5199, anyone know the difference between the 2?

or got spares i can look at?



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from LRSeries parts website

Part number: ETC6660

Applicable Models:

Discovery 1 to vin MA112200

Range Rover Classic to 1994

Product Description:

Multi point injection stepper motor assy, for V8 petrol EFi engine models.

Product Code:ERR5199 STEPPER MOTOR V8 EFI MA> from britcar

further from Microcat

ETC6660 used in Discovery 1 V8EFI to VIN MA112200 & RRC V8EFI to VIN MA656101

ERR5199 used in Discovery 1 V8EFI from VIN MA112201 & RRC V8EFI from VIN MA656102

hth :D

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Trouble is the TVR appears to be a later 4.6 based engine, but still runs a dizzy and older 3.9efi style hotwire injection.

Of course TVR no longer exist so simply going up the dealers isnt an option!

I personally think he should just fit a 200tdi and be done with it!


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