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The tank is full but the carb is empty.....STILL!?


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Hi All

Many thanks for all the suggestions so far but after a frustrating afternoon yesterday I still can't get her to run. Filling the carb with a bit of fuel got her to fire but not enough to draw fuel up from the tank.

I have cleared all of the lines using compressed air so I am confident theh there are no blockages, but I cant even draw fuel into the glass bowl on the side of the pump so I am guessing both the pumps are knackered.

I have ordered a new pump ad gasket so hopefully that should sort it, unless anyone has any other idea's?

Many thanks


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Just a few things to cover all the bases, but these are so unlikely:

- Try priming it with the fuel filler off (blocked tank vent)

- Will it prime or run if you put the fuel line in a can of petrol rather the tank?

- If so, remove the dip tube from the tank and give the gauze a good clean (sludge in the bottom of the tank, you will have to drain it to clean it out)

If none of those work then the pump has failed :( They do come apart if you're curious ...

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A friend of mine had the same symptoms on a Triumph Spitfire. It turned out that someone had lined the tank to try and stop corrosion, while he could blow through the pipes to the tank without a problem the moment it tried to draw fuel another lump blocked the pipe. If, as the post above says, you can get it to run from a can then that may well be your problem.

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Final instalment before I pull all of my hair out! yes you've guessed it, despite fitting a new fuel pump I still cant get her to run!

So far I have;

Fitted a new fuel pump

Removed and cleaned the filter on the main "hard pipe" in the tank.

Removed the pipe from the tank to the glass bowl and checked it is clear.

Done the same with the pipe from the pump to the carb.

Removed the pipe from the carb whilst pumping primer lever to ensure I get enough "draw".

Turned the engine over to move the "cam" to allow for less resistance against the primer lever.

Checked the new pump for "suction" and there seems to be plenty as you would expect with a new pump.

Added fuel directly to the carb to run the engine to try and draw fuel from the tank.

Sucked fuel through the pipe from the tank without any problems, apart from a gob full of petrol!

As far as I can make out, and with the help of several members here on the forum, I have tried pretty much everything, unless someone out there knows any different?

Thanks to those that have already shared their ideas


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If the answer to the above post is yes then can you blow into the float chamber? Could be a stuck needle. Although that's scraping the barrel it's the last thing left in the chain to check, I've had them stick on SU carbs although normally only on rebuilt chambers.

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I haven't tried that yet as the battery went flat during the days other exhaustive attempts to get her going.

I suspect that I wont see any fuel coming out of the feed pipe as I can't even get the fuel bowl on the fuel pump to fill up!



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