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New member with a story to tell!

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Hey guys!....and girls? :)

New to the forums so thought I would introduce myself and give a bit of a run down on my defender and some issues!!. Ok I have a 1999 defender 110 csw td5. I have had the truck for just over a year and she has 125k on the clock. Now the truck has been fine up untill recently. I decided to have the egr removed along with the silencer. Now when I went to pick it up from the garage i started it and went to drive away. This is where it gets scary!! the engine before having the work done sounded sweet and had been regularly serviced. Now after having the egr removed it had a awful knocking noise like something was hitting some thing else in the engine. It got quicker the faster I went. When home I had a look and saw that instead of fitting the blanking plate they had just cut the pipe leading to the egr and welded it over!!!!!!!. I instently thought they have dropped some weld or some thing into the engine via the exhaust manifold. I took it back and left it with them to rectify. On picking it up again the noise was still there and there was now a chuffing noise like a steam train?! On inspection they had fitted the blanking plate but with no gasket so hot exhaust gasses were exiting into the engine bay!!!. Yes I hit the roof. I took it back and demanded they put it right. They had the cheek to tell me that if the head has to come off it will be a £500 job :o:angry: . As you can imagine I explained that I had paid to have the egr removed already and that the cause of the noise is there fault not mine so why would i pay for there cockup? Any way to cut a long story short the engine was stripped down, cleaned etc etc. She know runs like a dream apart from the fact I know have a new problem. It has now got a oil leak from the cam carrier on the passenger side!! :( I have taken it back today and got it booked in for Monday. My question to you guys is: can they remove the cam carrier with out having to remove the head as the head on my truck will not be able to be skimmed again as it has previously been removed. I look forward to your replys :)

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The head doesnt need skimmed just because you've removed it.

It only needs skimmed if its bent, and its only going to be bent if its been overheated, so even if the head has to come off again, it doesnt need skimmed before it goes back on, and it probably shouldnt have been skimmed last time either.

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