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I couldn;'t buy what i wanted......... so i made it!

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I wanted a winch trya that sat on the originalt style bumper, so that the winch would sit higher, i also didn;t want it stuck out the front too far, so, no-one makes a tray like that, so i made it......... what d'ya think..??




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5mm Mo, i think 8 would have been over the top..... its bolted on through the existing four bumper bolts, two through the front cross member, and the two front winch bolts go through the bumper aswell as the plate........ so, bearing in mind i can only pull what a stuck 90 weighs, i think that'll be plenty......

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Excellent job. Nice and tidy.

I was able to use a winch tray with two holes drilled in front of the original (to mount to 110/90s) holes to set the tray in between the wings of my s2a. It was still able to back onto my 110 when the s2a was sold. As a matter of fact it now bolted on to a heavy duty bumper on the front of my Disco 200tdi.


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