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fuel pressure regulator


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I need to get one too - anyone recommend a place to buy from?

I am in the process of replacing mine. Have purchased from the land rover centre in LiverpoolUKM

It is being sent out by courier to Malawi. A bit pricey this way but need to get back on the road.

For fairness sake, you seem to be able to get this spare quite easily whether earlier or late model type and most suppliers ha ve it.

As for performance, I didn't notice any difference at low revs as mine was failing but did feel rough and gutless above 3000 rpm.

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The same thing failed on my TD5 90. It didn't finish the starter motor but the clutch, as the fuel seeped into the bellhousing. I got it fixed by a workshop and the dual mass flywheel was iffy and it cost me just over £1,000 in all. It's a VERY common fault. Elsewhere on this forum I posted about it as the first manifestation was an occasionally slipping clutch. A guy in Italy recommended some seals to fix the valve.. If I find the post I'll reply here again.

Found it... from Silvio in Italy..

replaced just the 2 Orings of the fuel pressure regulator, and it worked for me, the leak has been solved; basically, you need to remove the regulator block and extract the regulating valve, which is held by a seeger ring. When the valve is out, you replace the 2 orings: pay attention, you MUST buy Viton Orings (Viton is a special rubber, much more resistant to oil and temperature than the standard one). The codes for the orings are as follows: 3081 the larger one, 3021 the smaller one.

Honest price should be 2 euros each...

Hope this helps.

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sorry I was asking about the o-rings

Just do a web search, I found loads of links to Viton 'O' rings. Suggest you quote the numbers Silvio provided. Can't be much...?

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EdF, Cos I'm idle and it did not return specifics for the numbers Silvio quoted I hoped someone would just say phone so and so. You are right however, and I'll get off my bum and do a proper search now (well Monday). Sorry but I do not surf the net outside of work........:lol:

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Hi folks

Just about to replace the o-rings on my leaky reg.

Have been trawling the net to try and find viton codes matching the ones listed above (3081 etc) and no joy. I then emailed an o-ring specialist who said that although they carry Viton they don't recognise those codes?

Can anyone tell me which company those codes are applicable to or - as the specialist has requested - the cross section x internal diameter of both rings?



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I can only suggest you try and find the post by Silvio and ask him, or, remove the O rings and go to a Viton supplier (if you can locate one) and ask them to match the originals. I've now sold my Defender and have a Disco 3 so I'm waiting for a different set of (more) expensive problems. Ed

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Thanks Ed

After a little more trawling I finally found out that Silvio's numbers are - wait for it - Italian standard. Makes sense.

So for reference here is a site that gives the actual dimensions of the o-rings; (Italian numbers 3021 and 3081 lest you forget)


Also I emailed the folk at marcorubber.com and they came back to me same day. Haven't bought anything from them (yet) but there's a lot to be said for prompt service these days.

Should make things easier!


EDIT: The mdmetric site is simple but effective. Thing is neither ISO or British standard show o-rings with the same dimensions as those Silvio listed. The US standard does and the corresponding US part numbers are 107 and 117 respectively.

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hi i need to fix my FPR and i was considering uprating it to a 4 bar one to improve the performance, seeing as i'm gonna be in the region, any thoughts, it's 30 squid for the new regulator valve on it's tod as opposed to a tenner for the gasket/ seal set or 120 for the whole shebang

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