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As I will be venturing to Scotland for a couple of weeks this summer I am looking for some form of rear door mounted, two ring, gas cooking solution.

What have other people done and where have you sourced the kit?



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I made my own rear door card with fold down table from ali chequer plate, and a few bits from B&Q :P LOADS cheaper than MSS. I then used a double gas burner sat on it. Not attached to the reart door, but that was ok as I didn't always cook on the rear door. In fact I find it more convenient not to if I'm camping for more than a night.

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I had a MSS door mounted cooker, however IMHO It is not the best solution if you want to use your Landy every day, however very well built and would be great if setting up for a pure overland trip etc.

I found I lost a lot of storage rear 6" for me as the door needs to close with the cooker, this would sometimes get frustrating as you would load the landy to find you couldn't close the door.

Martin's (M&S) shelf is the route I will be going when I get a moment, simple shelf that will fold down onto two fold out sides which would support the base, for me to put a cooker on will be the answer and can be make for under £20 including paint.


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The back door on my Defender


Top left kitchen towell

top right wine glasses, beakers and breakfast didhed

Left dinner plates right gas cooker. not used now

Under the shelf are the tea plates and to the right the washing up things

The two racks. To the left the mugs and teapot. To the right cans of tea bags, coffee, coffemate and sugar. All at hand for a quick brew when stopped

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