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A 4x4 is Born

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Gruntus, to be honest none of us ever knows what the bill is - the cars are built using whatever we can find/beg/borrow/steal, there is a lot of bartering, favours are exchanged and everyone works their nuts off. Everyone brings whatever they can to the job, by whichever means. A few things we can't whittle from thin air we have to buy - tyres and suspension are usually the biggest spends.

Challenge boys spend more on their winches than we do on a whole truck, if someone had to pay for the hours we put in it would be an insane amount, partly because a lot of the time we end up making things that most would just buy - it's quite common for someone to be turning up a fuel hose fitting, welding up an engine bracket or such like, and Kimi even re-made the difflock actuation linkage on the LT230 from scratch, from offcuts of steel, because you can't get a new one at 3am.

A few people have commented on the lab, but everything in it arrived the same way, even the welders were bought as scrap and cannibalised until we had a couple of working ones.

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I have a video on my computer called "Camel Trophy - The Land Rover Years". It's pretty cool :)

Can't remember where I got it from :huh:

You can still get:

Land Rover Years (1989 to 1998) - but this is just about 10 minutes of each year and these can be found on YouTube.

Better is:

Great Years (1987 to 1989) is the full 45mins to 60mins of each of these years.

Camel Trophy Boxset (1991 to 1998) is the full 45mins to 60mins of these years.

You can't get a DVD with the full version of 1990 (Siberia) or any of the years before 1987 I believe.

If anyone has them I'd be very keen to know about them.

I have 1990 on VHS (but no VHS player! :lol: ) but have not seen 1986 or earlier years on VHS either...

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