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Galv Chassis .......

Les Brock

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Galv chassis ..............

I know there have been a few comments on other threads

So is it really worth going to all the effort required in painting it for the extra protection it gives ???? unsure.gif


Or just

leave it as it is ?????

Truck will only be used a weekends and jolly's as I've a company car for everday use wink.gif

interested in what you would do.....as I simply cannot decide to do it or not ?

I'm at the point where its now or never laugh.gif

Then I can actually start putting things on it biggrin.gif

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I dont have a galv chassis yet.... will be coming this summer but i think the main reason for painting the chassis is so that other people cannot tell its a galv one and therefore less attractive to potential thieves.

people also do it for the more genuine look

i dont think i will be painting mine just try to come up with a decent security device

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The zinc coating needs some form of protection to, therefore give it a coat of paint. My galvanized frame was never looked after by the previous owner and it shows it! Paint will prolong the eventual scaling from road salt, acidic soils etc....


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Depends how long you intend to keep it for, if it's for "keeps" then paint it, a nice hard POR type paint, it will help keep the coating in top condition and keep the salt and dirt off. As above people say it will also make it less attractive to theives however, I am never sure what diffrence this will make, if they are going to take it they will, I don't think someone scrot would say "oh I don't want to nick that as is not got a galv chassis!!!"


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I haven't painted mine for the reason that, regardless of how well you do your preparation prior to painting. The paint will eventually crack, once it does, it is a magnet for dirt and moisture. This will also hide blemishes that will turn to future scabs, which should be cleaned and attended to as early as possible. Plus I prefer the galv look, but this is a minor point in my eyes. The security issue is moot IMO as defenders, regardless of their chassis, have been going missing left right and centre round here.

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My old B reg, 200 tdi 90 i had had a galvy chassis, i left it and it dulled down nicely on the cross member.The rest you can't really see with a bit of road dirt.

At the most i'd paint the cross member, but i'd rather have the front bumper galved to match!

As for being a target, 90 ARE a target full stop at the mo so i'd protect any 90 / 110 regardless of it's chassis.


P.S best landrover i've ever owned!

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from tuko's comment i think it you wash the salt of fairly regularly obviously more so during winter it will keep it shinier. i think i will leave mine alone when i get it done

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