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Advice for operating the air con in disco td5?


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Hi all, thanks for reading this post, I hope someone can tell me how to start up the air con in my 2000, TD5 discovery. I can't seem to get it turned on no matter how hard I try. All I know is the air con compressor is ment to spin when turned on, but it only the outer belt that spins. It has always been used in the summer every year and serviced before it's trip to Spain. So am I doing something wrong here? This model has Air conditioning system and it's all working ok.

So could someone tell me how to turn it on, as we are thinking of re gassing it ourselfs. we have read through the manual and cant seem to work it out, any help will be appreicated.


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around £40 for a pressure test and re gas. Did the wifes motor recently myself but what the kit costs £26, it ain't worth it.

If there isn't the presuure in the system the clutch on te pump won't engage and the system won't run.

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Ok thanks for your tips, I look in to getting it refilled, but I know it was refilled last year (Still have the reciept from Halfords) so if it not got any gas left then the chance it got a major leak somewhere.

If there a common place for it to go? I was thinking if it would be worth dismatling it and replace all the seals and then recharge it or am I wasting my time. I really want to restore it as they say whats the point in having something in the car that don't work?

I have the rave cd so I can see where everything is and what to do so that is not a problem. I look in to it in more detail and I see about refilling it.

Thanks again ........JJ

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Whoever you choose to re-gas your system should be asked to do a vacuum check first. I thought I had a problem on my MGZS but when the garage recovered the gas and applied a vacuum to the system it held for 30mins with no change. Obviously if no air was getting in, the gas shouldn't get out. This is the easiest way to prove if you have a leak (and it doesn't waste any gas).


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