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old man emu 2nd hand lift kit or new terrafirma ??

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Hi all

I have been offered a 2nd hand full lift kit (old man emu)

The kit has covered about 15000 miles

I have been told Old man emu is unbreakable and will last for years and years

Would it be a good buy for around £300 or would i be better of spending the same on a brand new Terrafirma lift kit ??

Your opinions please guys

Many thanks Chris

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Just put a Terrafirma 2" medium duty kit on my disco, well happy with the set up, excellent damping!

for the money i would go with new over second hand any day.

got mine from MM4x4 they were the cheapest, and all arrived the next day :)

Terrafirma gets my vote anyway!


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We've just beaten the carp out of a set of +5" remote reservoir terrafirma dampers in the Ukraine and I'm very impressed with them - just the corrugated ukrainian "roads" would have killed many a lesser shock, far a less the 100's of kms of swamp and forest....


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We've taken a chance on the Terrafirma stuff on our 90". we're off to Romania in 3-4 weeks time to do the Transilvania trophy so we'll see how good they are :(

we have the plus 5" remote resevoir dampers and plus 2" medium coils. it handles nicely at speed but i am dissapointed with the front coil springs. whilst the rears are nice and long and progressive the fronts are too short when used in conjunction with the plus 5" dampers and Gwynn Lewis's hardware and seem to give you a lift by just being stiff :angry2: I will probably put something else on the front.


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