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Thermal heat tape


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The V8 in MogLite chucks out vast amounts of heat

I've wrapped the exhaust with the glassfibre tape, I can't do the headers 'cause they are cast.

Some of the wiring and pipe runs could do with some insulation.

I've got some of this Foil tape

Would this tape be any Better ?

Or Vehicle Wiring products do an ali and glassfibre tape

Some of the runs I want to sleeve are oil lines so they will be reasonably warm in themselves.

Its got to be tape, and not sleeves because the runs are already in place.

Whats best ?

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I don;t know what your reasong was not to wrap the cast iron manifilds but that is correct - only steel tubular onces should be wrapped.

I am not convinced the foil/chrome tape is going to be much use; the silver covered glass fibre tape is what I would use.

Oil lines - they should withstannd quite high temp, not sure what the spec. is but in excess of 150 or more - how close to the exhaust is all the stuff?

Also I think you can get high temperature cable - maybe consider using that but would mean rewiring :angry:

You can get the glass fibre wrap on ebay. different colours too!

Another option is to think of getting the heat out by vents and fans etc:

Can't really say much more than that without specifics.

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I'll post a piccie tonight - ta

Okay here is the passenger side

Petrol pipes and winch/starter motor cabling mainly - 3-pin plug for scale - there is about 1" clearance.

The exhaust comes off the manifold and curls round the cage, and then goes (what looks like) vertical


Here is the drivers side

Transmission cooler lines, power steering lines and a few other bits and bobs


Bish - alas its the exhaust wrap that comes in colours - I bought black :D

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Is there going to panels covering this area of will it have free air flowing around it.

I would agree with you on thinking it needs protection from the heat.

What is the stuff used on the V8 starter motor cables they live close than yours are and the car is built that way.

Range Rover LSE has all these areas wrapped with a heat proof layers stuff.

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not much more to say than has been said other than re-routing if possible.

using a good insulator and having a silvering that needs to be kept clean (although in your application amy be difficult) is the best you can do. Having the area free flowing, esecpially from below - chimney effect - warm air from exhaust rises sucking in cold air from below will help.

Also this stuff is a must, especially if you have problems with your hot Krümmern :huh:

"One also should protect starters, dynamos and other aggregates from the Hitzestrahlung of exhaust and more crooked, this your life prolongs enormously and thus cash money saves! "


..... avtually there is a bit more to say, been thinking about it on the way to work.

The V8 in MogLite chucks out vast amounts of heat

whilst that is true, there are two factors to consider, the amount of heat and the temperature.

consider a dosmestic radiator and a candle. The radiator is able to heat up the air in a room yet you are still able to place your hand on it whereas the candle is unlikely to keep a room warm and for sure, you won;t be able to keep your hand on it for any lenght of time, unless you like the smell of burning pork. :huh:

The engine block and radiator are like the room radiator but the ehxaust is more like the candle, quite a big candle mind.

Unfortuntely there is no new advice in ^^^^ so it is a matter of trial and error - if you are able to keep your haqnd next to the exhasut where the closes runs are, then you'll be fine.

What is annoying about the thermal tape stuff is noone seems to specify the tempeerature difference across the surface - the mac. working temp. tells you it won't melt when slapped on the exhasut but not how hot it subsequently gets. :blink:

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personally I wouldn't use exhaust wrap on either cast or mild steel, particularly a silica based wrap. Been there, done that on race car exhaust, and long term they don't particularly like it. I was sorely tempted to wrap the manifold and exhaust on my 300Tdi, particularly after fitting a 3" system and having a few boxes of Thermo-Tec wrap sitting on the shelf for the last ten years, but resisted the temptation.

If I ever get around to replacing the turbo with a TGV type, I'll HPC the housing and manifold and dump pipe/down pipe.

These ceramic coatings retain the heat in the exhaust nearly as well as the wrap, without appearing to thermally fatigue and kill the metal like the wrap does.




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