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Temp gauge sender thread

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Dose anyone know the size of thread that is used on a temp sender on a 2.5 diesel, the reason I want to know is that i want to fit a new sender to my Isuzu 2.8 and I reckon the 2.5 should be a match to the gauge. The 5/8 UNF one from a Mini fits but gives a hot reading, and i see a 2.5 Land Rover one on sale but don't know if it's 5/8 UNF.


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You'll need an adaptor to fit into the 5/8" UNF thread in the engine.

I got one from here:


But a lot of places sell them, as the majority of after market gauges use 1/8" NPT senders (although for some of the higher end ranges, VDO etc, they do a range of fitments).

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Got a horrid feeling the sender for my Durite gauge I have ordered won't fit... 1/8" NPTF sender according to the blurb. Can I modify it to fit do you think??

you can make an adaptor from the old 200tdi 5/8unf sender like this 1/8npt adaptor done this twice now for mine & Mo Murphy's Td5 instrument conversions, works well.

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