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as it says, the 2nd elephants mud hole challenge, based at Tixover and Yarwell quarries, one day event, same format as the last novice challenge, more details to follow once everything is sorted :lol::lol: in association with Protrax off road adventures :D

the last one was a good giggle enjoyed by all who took part, hope this one goes the same,

PM me to register your interest please,

all the best,


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Hi all,

if anyone is interested in either the novice challenge on the 6th, or the expert day on the 7th november please email, protrax@aol.com and register your interest, that way they can forward the info pack and entry form to you, hope to see some of you there,

all the best,

Bow.. :)

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Kit requirements:

What kit is recommended as Essential / Optional ???

For Example


Winch sail

recovery strops

good recovery points


winch gloves

Landranger 141 & 142 maps

first aid kit

small extinguisher


High lift jack

waffle boards

high vis vest






With this being a novice event, it would be good to list stuff here for reference.

All those challenge Experts out there..... please chip in

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forget the maps, waste of money, you know where both sites are, high vis jacket only needed if you intend on breaking the truck early on then volunteering to marshall for the rest of the day, your wellies will be full of water by the end of the day, may as well use hiking boots ,

the other bits bar the GPS will be of use,

see you there mate, it's going to be fun..

Bow.. :D

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I am going to spend a few pennies this week on a tree strop (wont get very close to a punch using my 4m strops, and i just re-routed the exhaust through the rear PTO hole which i used to lash through for recovery so i'll need another recovery point.

I also need to pick up a winch sail. The aim of the post was to see if i needed anything else while the cheque book was out.

Thanks for the heads up on the maps, thats saved me a few quid.

Looking forward to getting stuck in and actually using that expensive 'show piece' bolted to my front bumper ;)

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after talking to Vince on sunday we should be starting at yarwell for the morning side of things, then moving onto tixover for the afternoon, oposite way round to the last one.

Dan, yes , :D the mud hole is used, and it's very wet at the mo, you know how much fun that can be..

there are still a couple of places left if anyone is interested, this is a good fun event,

Simon, i have a winch sail you can use if needs be, you will need your winch gloves,,

have fun all, hope to see you there.


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Thanks Bow,

The offer is much appreciated.

I needed to get one anyway so I ordered one this morning.

Can you confirm on here the starting location at the end of next week.

I'll keep my eye on here and on my email.

Have you had any luck with the engine change ? did you decide to go 200 or 300 TDi in the end ?

Speak soon



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right folks,

the 2nd novice mudhole challenge starts at Yarwell, on site for 8:30 am,

we will run untill mid day then swap to Tixover for the afternoon,

this is the info Vince has given me as of 10pm last night,

see you there,

Bow.. :D

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Thanks to all those involved in organising / running the event yesterday.

We had a great time. Truck and occupants came back in one piece, which is a bonus.

Would it be possible to post the results up ? - just out of interest.

Also any links to photo's of the day would be great from those who were there with cameras


Simon & Owen

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Hi Simon,

all the photo's and the results are posted on the Tixover Play Days facebook page, plenty of pics to look at, was a good event mate, was nice to see a new truck win the event, thier first time out, and 2nd place also went to a relative new boy, only having done one event before this one,

a good day had by all involved,roll on the next one,


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