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ARB compressor in 90 truck cab,

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Where do I put it? Trying to find somewhere to mount the ARB compressor in my truck cab 90. Dont wana fit it under the bonnet as I would like to keep it out of the mud and water a bit. There must be loads of truck cabs with them fitted so can anyone give me a few ideas?

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Cheers guys. A few people have mentioned behind the seats but I will have to check on space there coz as mentioned above I need somewhere for lunch and waterproofs! Battry box is a no go as thats been full of water a couple of times on river and bog crossings and will surely be worse on some of the challenge events I plan on doing, plus its crammed with 2 massive batterys anyhow! I am putting storage lockers in the back but the cage is not coming for another week so I dont know how big to make em till then but its a strong fav' to put it in one of them when they are finnished. Im finding it real hard to find space for everything in the truck cab after havin so much space with the hard top!

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def wait for the cage before making up the rear boxes, i decided i couldnt wait made the boxes then 3mths later ripped them out and had to rod do them!

You can always make a little closed off section within the locker for the compressor, that way it stops other bits knocking it about etc.

I also suggest thinking out how you are oging to mount the waffles etc, making the lockers a little short a the back will leave enough room to fit them in across the load bay.

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Excellent advise JST. The bit about keeping the lockers short for waffle storage is a good idea and I will deffo be using it. Thanks for that.

Well the compressor is in, Will take a pic later! I have got it behind the pass seat but kept it ip high and right over to the left as far as poss. It fits there like it was meant to be there. Coz I kept it up high and over it hasn't taken up any of my sandwich/water proof storage space and should be pretty much out of any water etc. Takes a bit of fiddling to get it just right so it sits neatly as high up as poss' without rubbing seat. Its also real handy for wiring the main compressor feed to the battery then the switch wiring runs behind the seats and then forward along the tunnel. I havn't had a job work out that perfect for a long time. I used some rubber exhaust mounts (think they are off a renault 4) similar to the mini "cotton reel" type, (About an inch long with an 8mm stud either end) to mount it. These have made it very quiet running.

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High up, protected.. had to make bracing strap (RHS) ..and mounting plate underneath



Made out of 10mm plate and a section of the forth rail bridge no doubt.. :lol::ph34r:

Hat, coat, door, leaving !

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