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so posting here.

Last week i could post up events, where as now it wont let me add events in, what do i need to do? Have things changed? can members still add events?

There's no mod as such for the calendar - LR90 probably keeps an eye on it more than anyone. So far as I'm aware nothings been deliberately changed, but I'll take a look. Might be related to the group changes I made last week for the Classified forum.

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Fixed (I hope), just needed the new group adding to the list of those that can create events.

Care to try it James?

Cheers Trev - sorry, got diverted and hadn't quite got as far as looking at it.

So you could post in the calendar until you had 20 posts :lol: I didn't think of that side affect - the calendar doesn't appear in the main permissions screens. Don't suppose it affects the gallery as well, does it?

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Yeh, calender isn't quite like the other forums.

Gallery looks ok, 'settled in' can create albums, upload pics,...

And while I was there I updated the big grin :D and added a few others that might be of use:

:rtfm; :rtfm:

:hysterical; :hysterical:


:i-m_so_happy; :i-m_so_happy:

Replace trailing; with : or use the show all option and select from the smilies.

While trying to work out why the new ones weren't displaying I realised we had a few others supplied with the software that were also not being displayed, these are now also selectable.

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