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td5 transfer boc onto 300tdi 380

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I know that the td5 and the 300tdi both run the lt230 transfer box but my 300tdi one has just given up and i am looking for a new one. don't use the truck enough to warent a new one, about 1000 miles a year and i can find alot more td5 lt230's than 300tdi ones.

Would i be able to fit a td5 one as long as the ratio was still 1.41?

Many thanks


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Morning James,

You could fit a Disco t/box - 1.222 high range - your road miles are low and only related to getting to Challenges or paynplay days? It will still be quite useable on the road and the low range ratios are all the same. Plenty of D1's being broken up now.

I'm running a 1.222 D1 transfer box and 33" muds in my 109 and its fine for my style of road work - I do prefer tall gearing in place of the less than blistering acceleration with std def gearing..



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The only difference between a 300 LT230 and Td5 LT230 in terms of fitting is that the Td5 one has output for the high-low output for high-low throttle response. I prefer to alter this my self anyway so I manually control that on an in-cab switch in my Td5. But for a 300, you just don't plug it in.


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yes, there is the additional housing which hold the FTC switch.

You can simply put the sensor in and not connect it or you can swap around the top housing and it will all be well.

I took a LT230 from a TDi and fitted it on my TD5 to which i just swapped the top housing to accommodate the switch.

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