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is there any way of knowing....


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got a bit of a dilema here....

i'm off to Morocco in my Disco in august, i've owned the vehicle a couple of months and its a peach, 103k and not been off-road (yet)

i had the clutch fork go on my old defender, but it had done a hell of a lot more miles (160k) with no real warning...

do i get the clutch fork changed (clutch and release bearing aswell) even though there is nowt wrong with the clutch, just because i'm fretting about the fork punching through and ending our trip...

or is there any technique for inspecting the fork, that i don't know about.. (i suspect not)

don't know what to do.. i'm a bit skint as am an unemployed graduate, and would rather spend it on the timing belt...



m@tt. :(

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Unfortunately, the only way you will know if it is ok, is if you have a cast iron guarantee that it has been changed for a reinforced one. I would always fit a new one which has had the socket reinforced.

I have heard that some new replacement forks have been very short lived.

If I were in your position, I would replace it myself. If you can't do it yourself, I would consider borrowing the money to have it done. Make sure whoever changes it, puts a modified one in and that they lubricate the pivot ball with graphite grease and if the ball is scored replace it too. Then you needn't worry about that ever again.



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