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External door locks


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I can't remember where I spotted them but I've seen some circular type external fitting door locks, they look really tidy and neat, they're like a Limpet type locks, but look heaps better!

Has anyone got any seen anything/got anything like I've described?



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They look like standard radial pin locks with an arm made to fit the door mechanism of the car in question. Some radial pin locks are supposed to be harder to pick than standard barrel locks, but then some can be picked with a biro. I had to get a locksmith to open one recently on my gun cabinet, and he had to use a specially constructed end mill to drill it out.

However, looking at the rest of the stuff on the the Solex website www.speeding.co.uk, it looks to me suspiciously like go-faster-stripe boy-racer Astra Corsa kit (eg "Start Ya person I'm not that keen on" spray, anti-theft number plate bolts -FFS, sonic scrubber - who is she ?):o .

I would not rely on stuff like that for my truck security without experience from one of the serious grown-ups on here.



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