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Exhaust part annoying noise

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Days ago I have been trying to find an incredibly annoying noise under my car. It's kind of a "metallic" basket noise when i go in a pot hole. Today I checked all the car and found the source: the metallic basket under manifold. Does Land Rover sells this specific part? what is its function? can I only take it off from there and put an straight pipe? inside it is anything I can fix? thanks for your answers...



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i don't think you can take this part out of the exhaust...

this part is uset not to make the exhaust break when vibrating (as the engine runs)

don't know if it's this part for sure, never heard of one of these to fail....

but, might be wron, I'm sure there is someone here who can be of more assistance ;-)

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I don't know that it can be repaired. As far as I can see, it's function is to prevent engine vibrations being transmitted down the exhaust.

You can replace the pipe with a de-cat pipe - (hmm, you have ROW spec TD5 don't you, so no cat?). You can get either steel or stainless pipe for around 50Stg.

decat pipe on ebay

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Can it not be removed completely? Cut it out and weld a bit of the same diameter pipe in its place. That would be a fix you could do anywhere. Alternativly, if there has to be some give in that section, you could replace it with a secion of flexible exhaust pipe - however, i'm not sure that stuff is meant to be used so close to the engine and where the exhaust would be hottest. (see third item down on this link as an example - http://www.jetex.co.uk/website/custom_parts.php?mat=Aluminised+or+mild&dia=2.5+inch) I'm sure someone near you should be able to supply that, but like i say, dont know how long it would last in that location.

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